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Valor Gaming is MOVING!

Posted by cinik on December 2, 2011 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (2)


What: Valor Gaming is moving! That’s right; we are switching to a significantly better host. This will mean a complete reset on members, threads, etc.


Why: We believe that our current host does not offer the best user experience out there. After much consideration, HARM and I have decided to make this switch. You should notice that the new Valor Gaming will be much easier to use (and it looks nicer too!).


What you can do to make the transition easier: Please sign up on the new site right away! We encourage you to copy and paste any threads that you believe should come along with us to our new home! This means PLEASE copy and paste any significant contributions you have made to the Valor Gaming community (such as character guides) to the new VG! Also, PLEASE tell everyone you know who plays video games about our site! Any advertisement helps!


The new site:

Team History

Posted by HARM on November 17, 2011 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (2)


So given how the Valor Gaming Call of Duty team is fully sponsored by our friends at ThreeDimensions Entertainment I figured that some of you might be interested in how this team has evolved over the years to get to where it is today.


The team has had many names since 2005 and just as many compositions. The only two remaining members after all this time are cinik and HARM, but the philosophy behind the composition has always been the same: focus on team chemistry over individual skill. A team that moves as one and acts as one will out-perform a team being carried by superstar.


In 2005 when Halo2 was the biggest shooter on the scene, cinik, HARM and PwNTRoN were all childhood friends who played the game together and ended up joining KSI back when they were a huge Halo2 online clan. After a few months of networking and even leading a chapter of KSI they were blacklisted and went on playing with other friends they had grown up with.


Going into 2006 they had become enamored with the MLG scene and begun following the competitive gametypes and news. Another childhood friend, DiViNiTy started playing and quickly picked up the game. The first roster was set under the leadership of PwNTRoN, HeXiK KiDs. The team began competing in local 2v2 tournaments and waiting for their chance to play as a full team.


With the release of Halo3 they transitioned in and played in a 2v2 tournament the weekend after it was released. After a strong showing the group was ready to move forward and competed in a TGN 4v4 tournament under the name GODSEND. After being knocked out fairly early and meeting pro players Karma and Ghost from Carbon, PwNTRoN announced to the team his retirement from competitive gaming and gave the nod to Hypnoss, one of the team's friends and scrimmage partners. The team now with HARM at the helm went to an NJhalo tournament where the competed with the likes of Twylight and Shockwave and met Puckett and Nexxy. They performed decently and were very happy with the current lineup.


HARM began collaborating with a local LAN center owner to host 4v4 tournaments. The night before the first tournament, DiViNiTy dropped from the team and GODSEND seemed to not be going. The morning of the tournament HARM was contacted by a free agent, BuffaloWingz, and it marked the first time the team let an outsider in. The team rushed out to the tournament and donned the name "Lemon Scented" in honor of something PwNTRoN once said. The team pulled second place losing to the team of Obi, Dersky, Best Man and Monstarr. This team went on to compete again under the name Delay Zero and once again got beat out by the known MLG players.


Competitive Halo had lost its allure amongst the team and the group began playing Call of Duty 4 at the end of its lifespan, but diving right into the Modern Warfare 2 competitive scene. The team debuted in NJhalo's first Mw2 tournament with the name The Levittown Teamup featuring cinik, HARM and the debut of J Spinky and Booda. They made a top five showing with teams like Fear also appearing. The Levittown Teamup played Gamebattles and a couple other local tournaments, never really aiming to splash into the pro circuit.


Black Ops release led to the team becoming really passive. They played online and abused the competitive playlist to stay solid as a team. The Levittown Teamup became Valor Gaming and made one local tournament appearance during Black Ops life span, and that was at ThreeDimensions Entertainment first Black Ops tournament. They put on the show of their lives drawing everyone who attended's attention, especially the staff.


HARM continued discussion with 3DE and led to the beginnings of sponsorship talks, which they fully supported from the start. He then turned his focus to trying to get Valor Gaming to Call of Duty XP, what would become the biggest Call of Duty event in history.


All looked lost after failing to qualify online for CoDXP, until an unlikely hero on the website arose. Skye came up to front the money for the team to make a showing and compete in the Black Ops Gauntlet for a chance to be in the Million Dollar tournament, but there was one problem, J Spinky was not old enough to attend the event. Luckily, the Valor Gaming team has multiple people who play and practice with them that they already have established chemistry with. They brought up Vulcin to fill in the empty slot.


In Los Angeles the team was as focused as ever. Vulcin stepped up and the team performed like they had been playing together for years. They cruised through the first step of the Gauntlet and awaited the second to start. Sixteen teams showed up for the second step to compete for the four last slots of the Million Dollar Tournament. Everything the team had worked for would come down to the next two matches. The first match they stormed the field and were not looking back. However the second round they had met their match. In a close match Valor Gaming fell, placing in the top 36. Out of 7000 total people that showed up to the event, and with worldwide competitors, VG had made a strong showing, but had to go through the rest of the weekend with a sour taste in their mouths knowing they had been so close to the biggest moments of their gaming careers.


Now with Mw3 out, a solid team and substitutes, a full sponsorship and a web community that continues to grow; the team keeps advancing. They will compete as much as possible and along with their sponsor await the next CoDXP event.


Team Name History:
- HeXiK KiDs
- Godsend
- Lemon Scented
- Delay Zero
- The Levittown Teamup
- Valor Gaming


Roster History:


The oldest in age in roster history stood as an older brother figure to cinik and HARM. He kept the duo balanced and brought them into the competitive shooter scene. PwNTRoN was known for his technical skills and ability to get inside the opponent's heads during matches. He retired early but still consults with the team from time to time.


He began the latest during the Halo2 era but quickly made a splash with his overall skill. A high potential player who's slaying ability changed games and attitude kept him calm under pressure. Under PwNTRoN, cinik and HARM he had all the right resources to become a well rounded player. DiViNiTy dropped out of the scene faster than he joined but still flirts with the idea of competing every now and then.


Another childhood friend of the team who proved that determination makes leaps and bounds. He made the team by practicing with and without the team until he became enough of an individual player that his friendship with the team filled in the chemistry. His temper could distract him at times, but when with the team it became a nonfactor. Hypnoss still plays competitively and is currently a substitute option for Valor Gaming.


The only outside to make the team. A decent player who's attitude and mentality got him dropped. During his time with the team, he performed as well as anyone could ask.


The most complete player on the team. A player that does his homework and knows the game as well as anyone. His high slaying capability mixed with smart plays makes him a force to be reckoned with. It's with his in game direction that the team finds solid set ups and ways to win games. cinik and HARM are the last remaining members of the initial team and the most vocal, making it their duty to throw the other team off their game. His knowledge of the game can make any player better.


The face of the team. His actions out of the game are just as important as in the game. Out of the game he organizes and directs, making sure the team gets to where it needs to be to compete. In game he is considered by most to be hard to kill. He's a position player that locks down portions of the map and supports the rest of the team. Everything he does, however, directly annoys or frustrates the opposing team. Both him and cinik are able to see the big picture and make calls on the fly to adjust set ups and put the team in a better position in game.


A high slaying player who's only drawbacks lay in his occasional over aggression and lack of discipline. Booda can singlehandedly lock down a team slaying wise, but sometimes at the cost of the setup and communication. His ability certainly makes up for any cost however.


J Spinky:
The youngest player on the team in roster history age wise and newest to the group overall. He is another relatively complete player able to slay and play objective evenly. He's a solid individual player that also supports his team very well. His communication is very good he is definitely a long term addition to the team.

500 Members

Posted by HARM on November 6, 2011 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (8)

So this is coming 11 members late because as it stands we're at 511 members.  Normally I try to put a blog out at each point in membership that I consider a milestone, and 500 is a big deal in my opinion.  We've come so far in under six months, and I couldn't be prouder of this community.

Coming into 2011 I would have never thought that I would have co-founded a successful community built around our shared passion for gaming.  I would have never believed I'd have 500 members in less than six months and I certainly would have never imagined becoming a sponsored brand working hand in hand with an ambitious local tournament organizer.

But enough about what the site is, because this blog is really to thank every single one of you.  Everyone who is here now, everyone who has been here since the beginning and everyone who joins after this is posted.  Thank you all for being a part of Valor Gaming and making this possible.

Thank you,
The Valor Gaming Staff

Mw3 Tournaments

Posted by HARM on October 30, 2011 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (7)

Just wanted to remind everyone of this.  We need to get the word out more so this can actually happen.  Anyway, all information on Planned Mw3 Tournaments can be found here. Signups can be found here. 

Even if you're not a CoD player, we all know people who are and you should let them in on it.

My Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions

Posted by cinik on September 30, 2011 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (26)

Ok, so I downloaded and played the BF3 beta in order to see what the fuss was about. Frankly, I have no idea why people are hype for this game. I've played Battlefield games in the past and own Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. I've never been a huge fan, but I though maybe BF3 could change my opinion. 

So I start up the beta and go right into the options to check out the controls. You can change the button settings between deafault, alternate, etc. but it never actually shows you what any of the buttons do or even what is changed. Interesting. I start up a game and get put on defense first. The first thing I notice is how large and wide open the map is. Of course snipers and assault rifles with scopes dominate. The most prevalent tactic seems to be laying prone in bushes and picking people off as they run across the half mile of open space.

Your character fires his rifle like he has Parkenson's Disease. Someone at DICE was just like "Fuck it, dial the recoil up to 11." Also, you knife extremely slow, cannot cook gernades, and throw nades like they are bowling balls.

Now I'm just gonna list some specific problems that stood out for me. There is no real enemy indicator and the pips on your mini-map are so small it is basicly useless. Offense has completely different guns from defense so you have to level up guns on both sides. Sometimes your gun refuses to ADS until you switch weapons. Sometimes your character will just not sprint. Spawning on a squad mate results in you getting spawn killed more often than not. Opponents can hide in your spawn area and have his teammates spawn on him. The graphics aren't even that good. I cannot see where "skill" comes into this game at all. Oh, and this is before veichles. 

Hate mail makes me stronger.

HARM's BF3 Beta Impressions

Posted by HARM on September 29, 2011 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (3)

Unlike cinik, I am going into this game with an open mind.  I want to give it a fair chance.  I have said multiple times that I intended on buying this game.  So let's start with my beta thoughts.

I downloaded the beta and started it up.  The first thing I noticed was that the user interface seems simple enough and has a good look to it.  Then I remembered, oh yeah, this is an EA game, I wonder if it has the same server issues some other EA games have (Example: Army of Two).

The screen dimmed getting ready to change.  I was ready to play.

I've now been sitting here for half an hour hitting the Multiplayer button and getting the same message.  Not one to jump to conclusions I jumped into a partychat with my good friend Hypnos, because I knew he had played it.  Here's how that went:

"Yo, Hypnos, when trying to play the BF beta does it say you can't connect at times?"

"Yeah, you need to hit it multiple times until it finally puts you in."

"Well fuck."

That was about five minutes ago, DICE just added a message to the menu of the beta saying that servers are down for maintenance.  So hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some real impressions soon.


So I just put in a game with cinik and took everything in.  But before I go into my impressions you should check out my comment on cinik's blog explaining how current betas work.  Anyway, with the way that betas work now, this game is basically finalized.  The game cannot be overhauled at this point.  However, they have alot of fixing to do.

For starters the map.  The graphics weren't that bad, however the design and programming are terrible.  Design wise, the map is very open and any pair (Example: cinik and I) can lock down and stop the flow while covering eachother.  Not to mention, there are points where there are only two paths to go, and any coordinated team could just halt the offense.  Now when it comes to programming I've never encountered anything worse.  Every five steps on the map and you are basically melting into the ground or clipping into a rock or other environmental piece.  cinik had to commit suicide like four times in game because he got trapped underground.

Now when it comes to weapons this beta pretty much tells you that anything with a scope dominates this game.  The recoil is downright ridiculous, I understand that it's a batlle simulator and firing a real gun isn't as easy as it seems, but this is a battle sim and you're playing as a soldier, the recoil is like you just gave a five year old a .357 Magnum.  The scale of recoil is just too great, especially on these large maps.  Next is damage scaling, why does it take (on average) 3 sniper bullets to kill?

Guys, I'm not bashing the game but I am saying that it's not looking too good as it stands now.  The game releases on Oct 25th and the beta ends on the 10th.  That means a 15 day period between beta and release.  Which means the game goes gold within a week of the end of the beta.  So for all of you saying "OMG GIVE IT A BREAK IT'S JUST A BETA" you might want to rethink that and start worrying about what DICE is doing.  

CoDElite Premium

Posted by HARM on September 19, 2011 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (7)


Alright so there's alot of controversy surrounding CoD Elite, and I'm here to clear some of it up. Now I'm not going to say that CoDElite is for everyone but I am going to say that for the most part this new service is worth your attention.


Some of you who may not have heard of CoDElite (CoDE) are probably wondering what service I'm talking about. CoDE is a service that works alongside with all Call of Duty titles moving forward, with a beta for Black Ops. Services include:


- Lifetime stat tracker for each CoD title with all your personal stats, map stats, heatmaps and such.
- Groups And Clans. Groups are little hashtags you can join that have leaderboards and sometimes contests. Clans are as you know, closed groups that work as teams. Clans will have some form of experience and leveling system.
- Contests and Tournaments with digital and real life prizes (note not all contests will be free or open to everyone).
- Browser Operated theater.


All of the previously listed services come completely FREE OF CHARGE to all players who register and sign up (I'm not completely sure if it will be mandatory or not.)


Now the controversy is coming from the following. There is a Premium option for CoDE that will have a fee. However, for some reason alot of people ignore that IT IS AN OPTION. You do NOT need to pay for it if you do not want to.


Paying for the service gets you more storage room for saved films, more in depth clan control, access to Premium only contests/events and early access to every piece of DLC. You also do not have to pay for the DLC. But for what price?


THE LOW PRICE OF $50 (Billy Mays voice)


Wait...almost the full price of the game? Well yeah, but let's do some math.


Each CoD title gets at least four pieces of DLC, all for the going rate of $15.


$15 x 4 pieces of DLC = $60 (not including the tax you pay when getting MS points)


So essentially you're prepaying for all the DLC for your Call of Duty title for cheaper than what you would normally pay PLUS getting some extra services.


It comes down to what kind of CoD player you are. Are you a casual player that just buys the base title and doesn't buy every DLC? Well then maybe CoDE Premium isn't for you. But if you buy the DLC and play the game regularly, then I highly suggest paying for CoDE Premium.


Hope that clears things up for some of you.

CoDXP Day 2 Recap

Posted by HARM on September 4, 2011 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (3)

So Call of Duty XP is officially over and here I am trying to relay everything I can to you guys.  So today we played Mw3's multiplayer and Spec Ops Modes and watched the Million Dollar Tournament Finals.  The rest of the stuff we did today was either CoD4 FFA or eating.


So let's start with the Multiplayer.  We played in the gauntlet with the same rules from yesterday except with Mw3.  Now we were only playing a limited version of the game so I can only give you guys so much.

Weapons:  The two that stood out during our matches were the Scar-L and UMP45.  Out of our assault rifle options this seemed to be the jack of all trades with decent power, accuracy and rate of fire.  As for the UMP, for me it just worked more consistently than the MP5.  The UMP was my go to weapon for the maps we played on, but I'll elaborate that when I discuss the maps.

Equipment:  There's one new thing off the top of my head (maybe one more) for your tactical grenade slot.  That being the EMP grenade, which is basically there just to destroy equipment.  Not that useful in my opinion, but worth mentioning.  Semtex seemed a little stronger than frags so we opted for that.

StrikePackages/DeathStreaks:  StrikePackages is the new term for the killstreaks, as discussed in the Day 1 recap.  We had two players using Support StrikePackages and Two using assault.  DeathStreaks are indeed still in the game.  We only had two deathstreaks to choose from, Juiced (run faster off of your spawn for a few seconds) and Revenge  (puts a marker on the screen that reveals where the last person who killed you is.)  We used revenge, however during the Million Dollar Tournament alot of teams were choosing Juiced, and I believe Juiced is indeed better.

Maps:  I didn't think I would say it about this game.  But the maps we played on were awesome.  Three out of four we played on were small to medium sized maps (hence the UMP) perfect for competitive play.  The Fourth map was a little bigger but that game was the most intense.

Overall thought so far: Very Optimistic.

Gauntlet Journal:

Round One, Team Deathmatch on Underground:  Underground is a medium sized map based off of a railway station.  After a neck and neck first couple minutes we stormed off with the lead.  There's an outside area of the map where there's a catwalk and some parked trains below them.  Once we took that area and locked it down there was no coming back for the opposing team.

Round Two, Capture the Flag on Dome:  Dome is small map with a satellite array at the bottom of a hill and a destroyed office building at the top.  We got beat in the first round after a slow start.  The second round was close, tied at two caps a piece, when I pulled a strong two piece kill to grab the flag and then killed a third on the respawn.  We capped the third flag with less than ten seconds to go to send it into overtime.  In overtime we stormed the other team and Booda grabbed the flag as cinik, Vulcin and myself held the opposing team back.

Round Three, Domination on Resistance:  Resistance is a small fast paced set on city streets in Paris.  There wasn't much to this one.  It was relatively close until Vulcin got the first AC130 of our group.  Afterward we took control of the paths and the other team could not get control long enough to take the lead back.

Round Four, Kill Confirmed on Village:  Village is a bigger map than the rest somewhat reminiscent of Run Down on Mw2, except replace the river with a larger cave system.  Kill Confirmed is a new gametype, and it's kind of an attempt to take Team Deathmatch and make it less of a campfest.  When you kill someone they drop golden dog tags.  When someone on your team dies they drop red dog tags.  You earn points by collecting opponents dogtags, referred to as "confirming the kill."  However you can "deny" a kill by collecting your teammates dog tags before the other team does.  It takes a little getting used to.  Our game was back and forth the entire time until the last minute it was tied at 25 to 25.  Our team was setup in a small area of the map with no idea where the opposing team was.  With twenty seconds left I heard movement to around the corner from where I was hiding.  The opposing team made their push with ten seconds remaining.  I killed the first guy and got his tags, a second guy got me and got my tags, but Booda  killed him and got his tags to tie it at 27-27.  But on the other side of the map cinik got a clutch two piece on the final two players and got his hands on their dogtags to give us the win at the last second.  We roared and people watching clapped as a referee came up and told me he couldn't believe we pulled that off.  I snapped a picture from the top of the raised platform where we won.

After the gauntlet we were starving and went to Burger Town, where I happened to run into Xzibit who was at CoDXP with his kid just to check it out.  The picture was taken with the sun in our eyes so we have our murderfaces on.  Oh yeah, we were also interviewed by CNN International after eating our burgers.

And after this we played Spec Ops a couple times.  The new survival mode is alot better than what Spec Ops used to be, it's a blast.  cinik and I had a blast trying to beat the day's record of 48 waves, but some inexplicable event threw off our set up and got us killed in round 36.  

After all of that we went to the mainstage to watch the Million Dollar Tournament finals.  But before that, Nick Swardson acted as a spokesman for Jeep to announce the winner of a brand new Call of Duty edition Jeep Wrangler in the photo competition.

Then the stage for the finals was set.  USA's Optic Gaming vs the UK's Team Infinity.  The first two games made the matchup seem unfair.  Optic Gaming took them with ease and went up 2-0 in the match.  Then in Kill Confirmed, Infinity took the lead early and never looked back to bring it to 2-1 matchwise.  The fourth game was Search and Destroy on Arkaden, a map with multiple levels based on a shopping mall.  Optic went up 2-0, then Infinity made it 2-1, then Optic took another round, then Infinity made an epic bomb defuse.  Match Count at 2-1.  Game 4 round count at 3-2, and Optic Gaming stole the tournament away, taking the final round by eliminating the other team.

After the tournament they prepped the stage for the closing concert where Kanye West performed.  Here's a couple pictures from the concert:

Well guys, comment with any questions you have and I'll try to answer as best I can.  Otherwise, we'll be on our way home soon and we'll be back on the site more often again.

CoDXP Day 1 Recap

Posted by HARM on September 3, 2011 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (1)

So we arrive at the event early and good thing we did because traffic in the local area got so held up by this single event.  We ended up waiting in a huge line for almost an hour before getting in.  

After walking through a security check point you get to enter "The Hangar."  When we walked through that door we were bombarded with booming music from the game, a light setup better than most concerts I've been to and a staging setup that would rival an e3 stage.

We took our seats toward the back of the first section and waited for the keynote speech to begin the event.  They debuted two Multiplayer trailers and a bunch of Mw3 and CoDElite features.  Here's a few things that can be picked up from the trailers and speech, but I'll be doing a more in depth analysis of the game itself in the Day 2 Recap.

- Three seperate killstreak trees known as strike packages (Assault, Support and Specialist).  From my understanding you cannot mix and match killstreaks from each tree.  Assault is your standard killstreaks that assist in killing people, like predator missiles and airstrikes, if you die your killstreak is reset.  Support gives you UAV's, Blackbirds and other stuff to help buff your team, but here's the rub, support is more "pointstreak oriented" and as such does not reset when you die.  Specialist does nothing to help your team directly except turning you into a T1000, every 2 kills you get will unlock an extra perk for you.  After 8 kills, all perks are unlocked, however just like assault, if you die it's reset.
- Proficiencies:  The more you use a weapon, the more proficiencies you'll unlock for it.  There's only two I know of at this point, and I only know how one of those two works.  The first is "Focus," which I have no clue what effect on gameplay it has.  The second is "Kick,"  which literally removes recoil from every gun I've seen it used on.  I think, dual scopes or attachments is another, but as stated, more investigation must be done.

- As we all know, it's a free service that tracks stats, allows for clans and groups (join the Valor Gaming group, yes, it's already up there).  But there is also a paid option where you get more in depth service options for $50 dollars.  Now before you all start raging about that price, let me explain.  Paid CoDELITE members get all DLC for the year.  Normally the DLC comes out to be $60, so you're saving $10, but on top of that you get the DLC sooner than unpaid members and you also get more saved film space (theres more but I just blanked out).

Anyway, we went to the pit, (sadly we couldn't get a good picture of it).  Anyone who's played Mw2 knows the first training level.  Well we got to run it in real life with a paintball M4 assault rifle.  After breaking the current time records (me with a 37 second run and Booda with a 34 second run.)  We went to go play in the Black Ops Gauntlet to quallify for the Million Dollar Tourney.  There was a four tiered tournament area.  Basically giant steps.  On the bottom step, 16 teams play.  Winners move up to the next step where 8 teams play.  Winners move up to the next step where four teams play, and winners of that move up to where two teams play above most of the event with spotlights on them.  We cruised through it and received our golden tickets to play in the next Qualifying round where it was the same format, but with only 8 teams who got golden tickets.  We won the first round and were only one game from getting into the Million Dollar Tourney but were outclassed by Team MoB (which includes a former Mw2 pro) in Havanna CtF.  Big props to those guys for playing a strong game.  I guess making top 36 in a tournament like this with an incomplete team and lack of practice (due to Hurricane Irene) I can't complain about how we did.  I want to give huge props to our (hated by some) member, Vulcin, for playing better than I've seen most anyone do in their first tournament.  As a tournament veteran, it was quite impressive.

Well it was now later in the day and we were coming off of a hard defeat, so we we took a moment to chill before heading to play Scrapyard paintball.  Not much to say here other than Valor Gaming locked that shit down.

Day 2 we'll be getting our swag bags and playing in the Mw3 gauntlet and some Spec Ops.  If my phone doesn't die you'll definitely be receiving more pictures.

Call of Duty XP

Posted by HARM on August 29, 2011 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (6)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Tonight I am proud to get to announce the biggest piece of news to reach this site yet.  After a large contribution from one of our members here on Valor Gaming, cinik, Booda, Vulcin and myself will be flying out to Los Angeles, California to attend the CoDXP event.  If you haven't heard about it from us yet, be sure to check out the link at the end of the article.

So we didn't manage to qualify online to get a full covered trip to compete, however one of our more (in)famous members, Skye, came through big by getting us the funds needed to go out and attempt to qualify on site.  Big shout outs to him and what's he's done for us.

At the event we will be competing for one of four open team slots left for the 32 team Million Dollar Tournament.  We will also be updating you guys with news, video and reviews of Modern Warfare 3.  Anyone who is looking forward to Mw3 should stay on top of our updates for the latest news available to ANYONE in the world.

We're very excited to be representing Valor Gaming at the biggest Call of Duty event in history.  We'll be dropping a podcast sometime soon discussing everything.

The Event: